One of the most thrilling things about visiting Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks is that often the wildlife can be seen right from our tour vehicles. Herds of bison meander across the road as we drive through Hayden Valley. Pronghorn antelope graze in the meadows of Elk Ranch Flats. Moose browse the bushes along the Moose-Wilson Road. Even after many years of being a guide in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, I still continue to be surprised by the wildlife I view right from the driver’s seat.


However, wildlife on our roadways poses a significant risk for both the animals and ourselves. Whether you plan to visit Grand Teton or Yellowstone National Parks, let our professional guides do the driving for you! That way, they can focus on the road, and you can focus on what you came so far to see – the beauty of the landscape and the wildlife it contains!