Experiencing Yellowstone & Grand Teton Without the Sense of Sight

p1It was a true pleasure to visit and explore Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks with Mind’s Eye Travel group—a blind or visually impaired tour group of 12 fantastic guests and three super trained guide dogs!

There is plenty to experience in the national parks without the sense of sight:

The sounds, smells and rumbling of Yellowstone’s geo-thermal features like Old Faithful Geyser’s ROAR, the waves of hot and wet steam floating across the boardwalk from the hot springs and the sulphur egg-smell belches of the mud pots make Yellowstone accessible to all and unforgettable for our group.




In Grand Teton Park, floating on icy glacial Jenny Lake, soaring up the aerial tram at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort; hearing, tasting, touching and smelling many things in the aspen and sage-covered valley gave life to the roaming bison, screeching osprey, moose and other wild animals. There is wildlife and movement all around.




The Laurance S. Rockefeller Preserve is a special location for sensory-enhanced individuals. Rockefeller’s wishes were for all people to engage with nature through the senses and created a sensory interpretation building to focus on sight, sound and touch. The experience there truly connected our group to the wonders of nature. Thank you LSR Ranger Clay Hanna!




Use the senses you have and nature takes shape before you. Our national parks are for the enjoyment of everyone and these wild places penetrate many boundaries.

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