Everest Mountain Guide Apa Sherpa Explores Yellowstone and Grand Teton with Buffalo Roam

p1While Buffalo Roam Tours gets to share our national parks with people from all around the world, on a few occasions we are able to gift back and share our mountain town with other GUIDES from around the world. Apa Sherpa is a world-renowned Everest climbing guide and shares the world record of 21 summits to the globe’s highest peak at 29,029 feet—21 times on top of the world!We had the pleasure of taking Apa Sherpa, his family and Nepali friends on their first Yellowstone and Grand Teton Parks tour.Apa was in Teton Valley to celebrate International Everest (Sagarmtha) Day which is celebrated on May 29 each year to mark the date on which Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay Sherpa reached the summit of Mt. Everest for the first time. Download this great article about Apa’s Everest Day event in the Jackson Hole News & Guide: ApaSherpaNews&Guide6.3.15

The event helped raise money for Nepali earthquake relief as well as his foundation, the Apa Sherpa Foundation. This foundation supports Nepali communities, builds schools and supports other programs that empower Nepali people. Apa’s visit was also about building relationships and support between unique mountain towns. Of special importance now, the earthquakes in Nepal in early May, his country is in great need of support and rebuilding. In addition to the devastating loss of life, many ancient temples and natural treasures were destroyed in his beautiful country.p2

Apa and his family have traveled the world but had never seen the spectacular geo-thermal wonders in Yellowstone or the beautiful Teton Range. Old Faithful Geyser and the Fountain Paint pots were their favorite attractions as well as a grizzly bear and buffalo spotting. We hope they come again!