These People Are Too Close to Wildlife

CAUTION: Don’t do what these people are doing!

A common occurrence we see in both Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks is people getting too close to wildlife.

The people in this photo (who were obviously NOT on a Buffalo Roam tour) are too close to these grazing elk.  Some of the park wildlife may be accustomed to the presence of human tourists, but they are not tamed or domesticated animals. They are wild. Getting too close is stressful for the animals and can be dangerous if the animal feels threatened.

For personal safety, it’s important to keep distance from bears, moose, elk, wolves–especially if babies are close by. But you don’t want to harass the smaller animals either, such as beaver, fox, coyote, badger, marmots and birds. Stressing the animals out can cause harm to them – or their young.

To observe wildlife at a close, but safe distance for both you and them, quality optics are your best bet. Buffalo Roam tours include the use of binoculars and spotting scopes, so you can get a closer look at wildlife. Bring your telephoto lens or kick up