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Yellowstone National Park Tours

Yellowstone National Park Tours

Group Lower Loop Tour

Join other guests on our small group Yellowstone National Park tour – a  full day of exploring the park’s spectacular Lower Loop. Experience thermal hot Springs, mud pots, fumaroles and geysers. Must-see stops include Old Faithful and the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone, waterfalls, Hayden Valley wildlife, and much more. One of our local guides will provide expert narration and natural history interpretation. You’ll learn about the geology, history, ecology and character of the world’s first national park and the people who helped create it.

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Private Lower Loop Tour

Our private Yellowstone National Park tour is a personalized, custom day tour of Yellowstone’s Lower Loop – what we call “The Best of Yellowstone in a Day.” We’ll hit the top attractions, off-the beaten track locations, and explore your areas of interest at your pace. A great tour for families and kids! We’ll explore the Supervolcano, Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone, Hayden Valley wildlife and more. Lunch and snacks are included.

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Private Geothermal & Hiking Tour

Explore the Yellowstone Supervolcano on the west side of the Lower Loop in a customized Yellowstone National Park tour uniquely crafted for you to enjoy the energy of hot springs, geysers, mud pots and fumaroles. Explore seldom visited geo-thermal areas for a one-of-a-kind connection with the forces of nature. A great tour for families and kids! Off -the-beaten path or longer hikes available if desired; healthy snacks and lunch included.

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Private Wildlife, Waterfalls & Hiking Tour

Explore the east side of Yellowstone’s Lower Loop and immerse yourself for the day in the awesome beauty of Yellowstone National Park, where bears, wolves, elk and bison roam freely. Through optional guided hikes, we explore Yellowstone’s incredible wildlife habitat, scenic canyons and beautiful waterfalls. This is a customized day of adventure for your interests and pace. A great family tour. Tasty local snacks and lunch included.

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Multi-Day Scenic & Hiking Tour

Grand Teton and Yellowstone Park are both part of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem– a 2.2 million acre Wild Wonderland where you could have a lifetime of adventures. A multi-day tour where you can spend two, three (or more) days exploring allows for a deeper connection to the parks, and the discovery of hidden treasures that few get to experience.

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You made us feel comfortable right from the start, kept the tour group size intimate and inviting, allowed time for questions, made us laugh, were very, very informative and hit all the hot spots! What more could we have asked for! You were awesome!
John and Laura, Ohio

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You have lots of options when it comes to taking a Yellowstone Park tour. Here are three things to consider:

#1 – What do you most want to see on your Yellowstone Park tour?

Yellowstone Park is quite large – 2.2 million acre. The “Grand Loop” park road is laid out as a double loop, like a number eight that we call the Upper Loop and Lower Loop of Yellowstone. Grand Teton National Park is south of Yellowstone’s Lower Loop, and Jackson Hole is at the south end of Grand Teton National Park.

Our Yellowstone small group tour focuses on the Lower Loop, which is the most accessible part of the park as a day tour from the Jackson Hole area. The Lower Loop is the part of the park with the most popular and iconic tourist destinations, such as Old Faithful, Yellowstone Lake, and the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone. Each 30-minute driving section of the road has attractions to stop and see – not to mention opportunities for viewing wildlife along the way.

Our private Yellowstone day tour is personalized to the needs and interests of your group. We have three options for a private tour. You can tour the entire Lower Loop and see “The Best of Yellowstone in a Day.” Or, you may choose to tour just the west side of the Lower Loop and focus on geysers and other geothermal features. Or, you can focus on just the east side of the Lower Loop and spend time enjoying the spectacular scenery and wildlife in the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone, Hayden Valley and Yellowstone Lake area. We can add extra hikes off the beaten track on private tours!

For those who want to see more of the park, we have multi-day tour options. An overnight stay allows time to explore the Upper Loop of the park, which includes morning wildlife viewing in the Lamar Valley (famous for sighting grizzly bears, wolves, antelope, elk, and bison) as well as visits to Mammoth Hot Springs and Fort Yellowstone. Groups wanting to spend more time in the Teton Mountains can add on a Grand Teton day tour.

#2 – Small group or private Yellowstone Park tour – which is better for you?

A small group tour is an excellent choice if you don’t want to do a big bus tour and a private tour isn’t in the budget. Group tours are great for couples, friends, or a solo traveler without any agenda other than having a fun and meaningful experience. You get a friendly, personalized tour in a custom passenger van with lots of interaction with your guide. We show you all the best stuff to see and do in Yellowstone’s Lower Loop.

A private tour is customized to your group’s interest and travel style. A private tour is an excellent family tour option for groups with kids (especially small children), or for groups with a variety of ages and interests or who want a day tailored to them. Also consider a private tour if you have a special interest, such as wildlife photography or extra time going day hiking. A private tour lets all the members of your group enjoy the park at their own pace and have a fun and memorable experience.

#3 – Why choose Buffalo Roam Tours in Jackson Hole for your Yellowstone tour?

People love us. Guests on our tours frequently tell us how friendly, professional, and passionate we are, and how their Buffalo Roam Yellowstone Park tour was the highlight of their vacation. But don’t take our word for it – check out our our first-rate reviews, and find out why we truly are a word-class tour operator.

To check on Yellowstone Park tour availability, see online booking or give us a call: 307-413-0954.

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